The Website Installer located in our LATINOWEB.CA Site Control Panel will provide you with a quick and simple approach to create a brand–new web site with a custom appearance within a few min’s. It just takes simply four simple steps for your new site to be online. You can pick from over 200 customizable web themes and as soon as it’s prepared, you’ll be able to maintain your brand–new site very easily. We are going to provide you with signin information for the administration area and you will be able to start adding completely new site pages in an instant. In case, anytime, you need help – the technical team members will be readily available round the clock, happy to guide you.

The Website Installer is obtainable each cloud plans package coming using the LATINOWEB.CA Site Control Panel.

A convenient Webpage Installer

Building a web site is as straightforward as one–two–three

Establishing a web site from nothing may be tricky if you do not possess at least a fundamental level of CSS and HTML practical knowledge. You need to know JavaScript and PHP on top of that. Using the Website Installer, you don’t need to have any site building comprehension to jumpstart a custom made website. You can pick amongst over 200 website templates and quickly change the selected theme based on your preferences with no need to generate any kind of program code in the backend.

In the event you don’t like the outcome – return and start out once again. It will require simply just a few straightforward steps, and when you get to step 4 – you’ll have your brand–new web site installed and ready to go.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

200+ Site Templates

Over 200 web templates are at hand

We’ve produced more than 200 different templates that can be used for your web sites. As we haven’t launched all these web themes away from our Site Control Panel, solely our clients can take advantage of them. The web templates themselves are carefully developed to suit many websites – from personal weblogs and portfolio sites to web stores and picture galleries.

We’re constantly focusing on releasing unique themes as well.

200+ Free Templates

Night–and–day Technical Assistance Service

Get in touch with us for assistance anytime

LATINOWEB.CA’s support department has an extensive experience with website hosting and is ready to help you with any sort of issues you could have working on your sites. At the same time, you will find there’s a detailed Regularly Asked Questions library together with a group of step–by–step educational videos that cover the most widespread queries and troubles. You can expect a 60–minute reply–back time guarantee, however, most often LATINOWEB.CA’s technical associates can react in under thirty minutes.

24/7 Support