Connecting to your web connect via FTP will be fast and easy. You’ll be able to upload & download files & folders with just a few clicks. Apart from administering the whole content, you can also give other individuals access to a particular section of your web hosting account without offering them access to the Control Panel where they can find personal emails or other sensitive details they’re not supposed to. You can do this by setting up a separate FTP account that they can make use of to access only one folder in the web hosting account. Such an option is exceptionally useful if you use several web designers or if you use an application like Dreamweaver or FrontPage to run a number of websites at the same time, since you can create a different FTP account for each website or each person. In this case, it is essential to be able to administer your FTP accounts with ease.

FTP Manager in Cloud Hosting

All our cloud hosting packages come with a function-packed, yet easy-to-work-with FTP Manager tool, which will permit you to administer all the FTP accounts that you’ve set up with no effort. The software tool is an integral part of our cutting-edge Hepsia hosting Control Panel and besides setting up and deleting accounts, you will be able to edit the password associated with any existing account with just 2 clicks. You can change the access level for any specific FTP account just as easily – you’ll only need to click on the access path associated with the account in question and then to choose the new folder. In addition, you can download an auto-config file for various FTP applications and configure any of the FTP accounts on your computer simply by installing the given file. For easier and better control, you can sort the accounts in alphabetical order based on their access paths or their usernames.